Sunday, March 17, 2013

Soulmates-do they exist?

There is a myth that tells us how human beings were once the perfect blend of masculine and feminine. These creatures are called androgynous and were so perfect and powerful that the gods envy them, and decided not to allow someone to be more perfect than them. Halved these powerful beings and, as legend has it, split half and roam the world to find one after the other, to come together again and become perfect and powerful again.

This sounds good, kinda romantic. Knowing that in this world there is someone who is made for you and with whom you will, when you finally find him, function perfectly. And it is just a farytale. It is unrealistic and impossible. And also the source of many problems in  love life and one of the biggest obstacles in the search for a romantic partner.


Here are a few reasons why you believe in it for you there is only one soul mate can adversely affect your love life:

  • If we believe that we have one half of a perfect being, this means that in this world, for us there is only one right person. This belief narrows our choice to just one person, and also sets the criteria  too high-that someone has to suit us perfectly. Looking for the one person in the whole world that suits us is like looking for a needle in a haystack. Where to go, what to do? This belief also puts us in a passive position, waiting for fate to have mercy on us and allow us to meet with her other half. 

  • believes that this will be the one person to function perfectly, and as soon as the first occurrence of disagreements, misunderstandings first, that we are apt to declare that person unrelated soul, hang up and keep looking for the right soul-mate. We expect that person to always know what we think, what we want, what we need, what bothers us ... 

  • feeling of emptiness and incompleteness interpret our lack of the second half, and instead we look at ourselves, take responsibility for yourself, your life and your happiness, waiting for the one who is perfect for us and complement our appearance. We believe that it will meet with the person to lead our discontent disappear and to fill our inner emptiness without anything that we have taken on this issue. 

  • We believe that we will soon meet the person know right away that it is "it", we somehow feel it. And in that way and deprive yourself, and some good people a chance to get to know each other, come together and may continue through life together. Not a perfect blend that works perfect, but as two imperfect individuals that invest time and energy in order to build together something beautiful and valuable for both. 

When the myth of soulmates understood only as a beautiful story, and when we accept the reality that we are imperfect, it is a human right and that there are more people in this world who can match us and with whom we can build a nice but imperfect and pleasant affair-then itself increases the chances that our love life is beautiful and full.
Then the passive position of waiting to meet soulmate is shifted towards the active position of searching for optimal love, someone that travels through life, whole or part, may be beautiful and harmonious.

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  1. "Not a perfect blend that works perfect, but as two imperfect individuals that invest time and energy in order to build together something beautiful and valuable for both." that's the definition of love, but unfortunately there are less and less people willing to work for it.

    1. In my experience there is more and more people willing to work for it :)


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