Wednesday, April 18, 2012

What is resilience?

How come the lotus flower, that grows in the swamp, manages to stay that beautiful and pure?

How come some people grow up and live in very difficult circumstances and yet manage to stay physicaly and mentally healthy?

Difficult circumstances are devastating for some people. And for some people these circumstances are challenges that make them stronger.

Resilience is what makes the difference in difficult circumstance.

Resilience factors are the following:

1. Insight
"I can clearly see what is happening to me and what I should do about that."

2. Independence
"I can rely on myself."

3.Fulfilling relationships
"I can rely on other people."

"I don`t wait for the solution, I create it myself."

"I use my imagination in order to find solutions."
"I use creative expression in order to charge myself."

6. Humor
"Every situation becames easier when I find some comic elements in it."

7.Ability to distinguish good and bad
"I know what is goon and what is bad, for me and for the others. I do good and I don`t do bad."

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