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How to find a romantic partner?

How to choose a romantic partner?

With your mind or with your heart?


If you choose to  rely on your mind only and ignore your heart, it will hurt you and will not be able to love. You will give up an important part of your being and take away the joy and energy of life.

If you choose by your heart, you risk being hurt and enfd up heartbroken. Heart, as a symbol of all our feelings, is like a compass-leads us to where we want to be. The problem is that the compass can be broken. The heart may be confused about the various misconceptions about ourselves, other people and relationships. Heart can exclaim "Yes! That's it! " intuitively recognize  someone who  will play a role in our life scenario and confirm our belief that we are not worthy of love.

Ideal combination is when the mind and heart work together. When you allow yourself to feel, but questions these feelings, think about ourselves and others.

Love is an essential ingredient of romantic relationships, but it is not sufficient and does not guarantee that the relationship will last and that the partners will work nicely. The fact that some feel the love, and that love is reciprocated, is no guarantee that the relationship will last a lifetime. What is the guarantee that the relationship will last a lifetime? As far as I know, no such thing exists.

What reduces the likelihood of errors and increases the probability of correct choice is the awareness of what it is important and necessary to us , what are our life values ​​and life goals.
If we want a  heart to lead us to a peaceful port rather than the dangerous cliffs, it is important to first know ourselves.

Or, as Francis Bacon advised us, "let's be honest with ourselves that we would not be false to others." Rousseau would nodded and added, "We remain unknown to people's hearts, if not first discover our own."
Nietzsche would be followed up with "marriages are unhappy not because of a lack of love but lack of friendship."

What makes the relationship stable, lasting and fulfilling are the common values, interests and life goals. 
If one  person is traveling to Alaska  and the other travels to New Zealand, they  will not be able to travel together as much as they'd like.

When asked what kind of relationship should be there is no single correct answer. There are no standards for love. A good relationship is one where both partners are satisfied and they can be as they are. 
In order to select a partner that suits us we need to know what it is that suits us, what we need and what is important to us. 

Here are some questions that can serve as an inspiration for further search for your personal correct answers. 
How do you like to spend your free time? 

What is it you enjoy? 

How is art important to you in life?

How do you like  to recreate yourself? 

How important to you is personal development? 

Do you find it is important that you be loving partner and friend? 

Do you like to travel? If so, to which destinations and what kinds of arrangements? 

What do you like to talk about? 
Do you love that you are constantly surrounded by people, or do you need some periods of loneliness? 

How you work is important in life? Is that an area that is important to you, or just something that you do to make money? 

Do you want children?

What are your religious / spiritual views? 

Is  loyalty  important fot you in a love relationship? 

How important is sex for you? 

Search for romantic partner and building satisfying romantic relationships are processes that require time and commitment. If  all you read here makes sense to you, I suggest you write regularly, just for myself, all issues concerning partners and romantic relationships and all the answers you can think of. When you see them written down it will be  easier for you  to review and possibly revise them, and that way prepare yourself  to be a loving partner in a relationship in which you both enjoy. And who knows, you might become one another and life partners. 

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