Saturday, December 15, 2012

Three causes of happiness- what determines how happy we are?

All people want to feel happiness, peace and contentment. Everybody wants to live in prosperity, they all want to live a good life.

But few people know how to accomplish that.
For how many people around you can not say that they are happy?
Would you characterize yourself as a happy person?


If you're like most people the answer to the first question will be zero or one, and the answer to the second question will be rarely, sometimes, not enough ...

When we say  happiness we can think of two things:

  •  a feeling of happiness that we feel when we fulfill a desire or achieve a goal and

  • happiness as a state, a mood that is a great deal of time there in the background of what is happening to us and what we experience in our lives.

Both definitions are correct, and each of these two types of happiness is important and necessary, but in this article I will discuss the second type and its causes.

So, which determines whether the happiness and well-being will be our normal state?

Are these genes, environmental conditions, financial status, marital status, personality traits, thinking ....?

After years of research conducted on a large number of people in different states, psychologists who deal with the investigation of happiness have come to the conclusion that all the above factors affect how we feel happiness in our life, and calculate the percentage by which each of these factors is determined.

  • based on research done on twins,they  found that about 50% of the causes of happiness lies in our genes and the influence of family circumstances.


  • about 10% of causes are related to environmental factors such as occupation, income, health status, marital status .... So, on what you do, how much you earn, how healthy you are, what is the marital status of the country where you live, who is in power .... depends  only 10% of the amount of happiness you feel.


The genes you inherited you can not influence. Temper with which you were born, you can not change (but you can learn how to  live with the way you are).
On life circumstances can influence to a certain extent.

Of which depends on the remaining 40% of our feelings of happiness? And if it's something you can not influence?

You will agree that 40% is not small. Imagine that you are 40% happier than you are now?

There are two factors that together influence whether we today, tomorrow, next week will be 40% happier or unhappier as follows:

  • the way we think and

  • what we do in order to be filled with happiness and live in prosperity.

40% of our subjective experience of happiness depends on:

* How we interpret events in our lives,

* What we tell ourselves

* What we do each day to make us a better life

* Do we allow ourselves to be happy

* ....................

All this can change!
Everyone, regardless of their origin and genetic heritage, regardless of current life circumstances, may be 40% happier than they currently are.

Sounds too optimistic? I agree. Not everyone who just wants.
But can anyone who is willing to dedicate themselves every day and do at least something for yourself and your quality of life!

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