Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Closeness and emotional distance

Closeness with another human being is  necessary and important. This is what feeds our soul and gives us strength. We feel that someone understands, accepts, we the experience of sharing ...

But, while looking for and longing for intimacy, we  often forget another, equally important and necessary aspect of human relations, and that is  emotional distance.

Quality relationship is not constant proximity of high-intensity, high-quality relationship is a balance of closeness and distance, separation and togetherness, sharing and loneliness.

We all differ in how much  closeness and distance we need  in a relationship, there is no accurate measure. It is therefore important to, while  choosing a partner we take care of how we fit, without evaluation and judgment.

Also, at different times and stages of life, the degree of closeness and distance we need varies and it is natural.

It is important to be aware of when and how to to come closer or make a distance, and it is important that we respect needs and pace of others. With some people we fit in terms of closeness and distance, we need about the same amount and manner of presentation, and this is a good basis for a satisfying relationship.
With other people, regardless of their individual qualities, we simply can not and do not fit. Sometimes it is possible to overcome these differences, and sometimes it is not ... although this finding was not pleasant, although there may be attraction and desire for contact, sometimes it is better to admit to themselves that they are irreconcilable differences and spare themselves and others suffering and disappointment.

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