Wednesday, January 23, 2013

A little secret for big success!

What is the secret to happiness and success?

How to achieve well-being?

How to achieve success?

How to become popular?

How to become loved?

It is no longer a novelty that gratitude is the basis of true happiness and prosperity.

Of course, it is not enough just to be grateful, activity directed towards the achievement of desires and goals is required, we need patience and persistence, but without gratitude is all that much harder. Even when we manage without gratitude for what we have,there will be  lacking a sense of fulfillment and pleasure.

I believe that most of you agree with this statement. And most of you will read something like that and say, "Yes, I am grateful." and continue to deal with some "more" important things in life. After a while, when you read "It is important to be grateful." you might say, "Well, I'm grateful and nothing, neither have the perfect relationship, nor my fortune, and politicians looking away lying and stealing, getting rich tycoons  ... I'm tired of these psychological nonsense!"

If gratitude is the basis of true happiness and prosperity, and I am grateful for everything I have, how come I still do not feel real happiness and prosperity???

Or the theory about gratefullness is not true, or maybe there is something wrong with me. Perhaps this is true for some other people, but not for me.

And maybe I don`t know how to be grateful? How does it work?
How do you become grateful?

It is necessary to develop a state of gratitude ... every day!

When  you expect that when you say "I am thankful!" zou immediately experience the happiness and everything goes like clockwork, it's as if you go to one workout at the gym and expect a perfectly sculpted muscles.

Only when appreciation becomes a habit and a lifestyle you can expect benefits in the form of peace, joy and success.
To remind you, the habit is acquired over time, not overnight.

Some theories say that it takes an average of one month to form a habit.
But not  one month of wishing to get into the habit, but a month of daily activities aimed at acquiring habits.
You can extract each day to at least three things that you are grateful. Fewer each day is better than more things but only once.

Keeping a journal of gratitude  speeds up the creation of good habits even more. In addition, you'll always have a handy reminder when you lose inspiration or fall into a negative phase (it happens to everyone).

Next, it is necessary also important to focus on something concrete to feel gratitude.

It's not enough to say "I'm grateful."

It's not enough to say "I am grateful for everything."

For what is possible to be grateful?

The list is limitless, but here are some examples:


-Good health (if one is suffering from a disease, thanks be to focus on what is healthy for him)

-Healing (even a small shift in the cured)

-Good family relationships,

-Job (if one does not work, can be thankful for all you know how to do),

-Good weather

-Shinning sun,

-Rain that drizzles,

-Day nicespent,

-Problems that are solved

-A kindness that was shown to us,

-Small gesture that made it easy to do things,

-A phone call,

-Nice message,

-Nice word,

-Smile that someone had sent,

-Talent that we have,

-Success, no matter how small it is,

-Little progress in something that is important,

-A smile that we elicited,

Trip-where you were,

-Good people who have a chance to know

-Good people that you just know,

-Music that you good day,

-Good book you've read,

-Good food that you eat,

-Time that someone gave to you,

- ........................

Feel free to update this list of comments. For what it is possible to be grateful?

As I said, the list is unlimited, this is just an inspiration. The more you practice the more  ideas for gratefulness  you have and the more situations and events worthy of gratitude you will notice it.

I will repeat once again, a habit  is acquired by paying attention to everyday concrete opportunities for thanksgiving.

In addition to exercise recognising opportunities for appreciation, it is important to use every opportunity to express our gratitude to others, because no one can know that we are grateful when we do not say, and because everyone feels good to hear that.
Someone may, when saying, "I am grateful to you for ..." say, "It was nothing," but do not be fooled.
Everyone will remember those kind words, and be grateful for them, regardless of whether it shows or not.

You like what you read?
Make sense?
Do not believe a word! :) Check whether this is true or psychologists to me just talk, to pass the time :)

Over the next five days, record, or at least think about three specific things you are grateful for.
And pay attention to how you feel when you direct the attention of gratitude.

And speaking of gratefulness, one of the many things  I'm grateful for is that my articles you read and follow my site and blog. I am grateful for likes, sharing, comments and questions.

Thank you, my dear readers! :)

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